AMBC Vulnerability Management Service delivers proactive scanning, testing, remediation of application database, servers, and network vulnerabilities. So, enterprises can combat the threat to better protect their customer data, intellectual property, financial information, and other key assets. Vulnerability Management is performed via automated and manual testing methodologies to reduce the incidence. AMBC IT security experts help to quickly leverage existing security program investment by handling the operational requirements of vulnerability scanning. AMBC Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing service provides

Network Penetration Testing

AMBC penetration testing team performs Internal & External Penetration Testing to uncover the weakness of the organization’s infrastructure.

AMBC’s penetration testing expertise focuses on the following risk/vulnerabilities on Network Infrastructure while performing the security checkpoints:
  1. Unknown Assets on the Network
  2. Abuse of User Account Privileges
  3. Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities
  4. A Lack of Defense in Depth
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Web Application Penetration

The functionality, usability, interface, compatibility, and performance of the web application will assess to mitigate the risk and affiliating the security checkpoints.

AMBC Penetration Testing team performs a security assessment to find the vulnerabilities listed in the OWASP Top 10, the Open Web Application Security Project’s ten most critical application security risks.

Following techniques to verify the security level of Web Application Testing:
  1. Injection Flaws
  2. Broken Authentication & Session management
  3. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  4. Sensitive Data Exposure
  5. Database errors
  6. Input/output validation
  7. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
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Planning & Scoping

Understand the requirement of the client, drill the flow & current working structure, check the functionalities, and the interaction of the application


Inteligence Gathering

Technical information is gathered with the use of tools. Attack-surface area about the application is defined to the scope


Vulnerability Analysis

Expertise to uncover the vulnerabilities of the application with the knowledge of ethical hacking tools



The vulnerabilities found in the analysis is mitigated with the assurance of not causing any damage to the client’s server.



With a proper understanding of the vulnerabilities found, a detailed Proof-of-Concept & steps of exploitation is created

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Why Choose AMBC for Vulnerability Management?
  • Define the level of risk on the network
  • Optimize the security investments
  • Assured security control & management
  • Mitigate and address the issues before the occurrence of a cyber attack
  • Improve awareness and constant update of cyber risk
  • Saves money & business time

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