How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyber Crime?

Protect your small business from Cyber Crime
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“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all.”


The information which is compromised from you via the internet is called Cyber Crime. We often fall victim to these Cyber Crimes. Not only large size business even small size business fall prey to them. Almost 60% of the Cyber-attacks globally are targeted to Small & Medium size Enterprises. Few tips to protect your organization from Cyber Crimes.

IT-Security Team

Having a security team for securing all your network devices and host machines with updated security patches. Maintaining & Protecting the network components from attackers.


Installing an Antivirus Solution in all host machines, configuring a Firewall for your business network and maintaining an End-Point-Security protects your hosts from attacks.


Encrypting your data protects it from compromise and maintains data integrity.


Creating back-ups for your data or information is critical for your business. Best ways for backing-up your data is using external hard disk or online Cloud-Storage. Example: Dropbox

Secure your devices

Make sure all your network devices are Password Protected and should be accessible by authorized persons only.

Password policy

Always create a strong password with the combination of all the keystrokes. Changing your passwords frequently and enabling them as a two-factor authentication keeps your infrastructure more secure.

Educate the employees

Continuous training and spreading awareness to employees on basic IT Security procedures & policies.

Security authentication

Configure a security authentication page which should be integrated with Firewall for secure usage of internet. Any hardware/software to be added or modified only by the authorized team.
These few tips can help protect & secure your business from cyber-attacks.

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