A large volume of information is exchanged between connected devices which increases the risk of cyber-attacks. Over 54% of organizations in the US reported having been compromised by a successful cyber-attack in the year 2015 and the number is even larger for 2016. Today’s organizations are changing from a centralized structure to a complex network of decentralized infrastructure.

Our IT Security Services from industry experts help organizations to detect attacks early by understanding the traffic flow across the network through Continuous Online Monitoring that looks for early indicators of an attack. Address all major threats with a comprehensive risk assessment service and reduce the financial impact of cyber crime by rapidly shutting down attacks. Also Simulating the attack scenarios through vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to find all possible attack paths on applications or networks with suitable remedies.

AMBC IT security defines the following three core objectives of security as:

  • Confidentiality – Designed to prevent sensitive information from reaching the wrong people
  • Integrity – Protecting information from being modified by unauthorized parties
  • Availability – Ensuring that only authorized parties can access the information when needed
Vulnerability Management


Discover, prioritize and assess your network, applications for vulnerabilities to safeguard your data

Anti Phishing


Differentiating, alerting and taking remediation steps against the suspicious emails, malicious URLs and files

Continuous Monitoring


Automated proactive monitoring 24/7 on the network based on NIST SP 800-137 and alerting the threats to the Tier-II

Risk Assessment


Identifies the strength and loopholes of infrastructure to mitigate the business continuity risk

What are the Security Services you offer?

AMBC Offers the following Security Services:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Risk Monitoring Methods
  • IT Control Enhancements
  • Online monitoring services
  • Anti-Phishing Services
How does each of your Security Services help our organization?

Our Security Professionals will do an initial IT risk assessment for your network and critical assets and then create a recommendation concerning framework development and infrastructure management.

Is it important to have a managed firewall service?

Yes, well-managed firewall services give you the flexibility and scalability to deliver extra protection to your organization.

What types of certification does the AMBC IT Security Team have?

Our AMBC Security Team members are highly qualified in security with CISSP, CISM, CEH, ECSA, APT Certification.

What action does AMBC perform after detecting a vulnerability?

Once a vulnerability is detected, AMBC will provide a detailed report on the network infrastructure and vulnerability which will help you update your infrastructure accordingly.

What does our Anti-Phishing Services offer?

We offer an initial assessment based on a sample – e.g. 100 -300 employees – these email phishing results will help us categorize your employee IT Security awareness. If the results suggest training, then training program can be fixed at your convenience.

What is SOC?

SOC – Security Operations Center is responsible for all security services such as Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Risk Monitoring Methods, IT Control Enhancements, Online monitoring services and Anti-Phishing Services.

How does AMBC’s SOC work?

AMBC will create a framework of the network that is to be monitored by a dedicated SOC team. The team usually involves,

  • Level 1: Alert Analyst
  • Level 2: Incident Responder
  • Level 3: Subject Matter Experts / Hunter
  • Level 4: Security Operations Manager
Will AMBC set a SOC for our organization?

Yes, we establish a team of highly technical resources capable of deploying, managing, maintaining and updating IT Security for your organization, they will function as the dedicated SOC for your company.

What Post SOC Implementation support services will AMBC provide to us?

AMBC will assist the Manager in managing day-to-day security testing activities, such as risk monitoring and status reporting.