Top Staffing Trends of 2017

Top Staffing Trends 2017
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How to be successful in hiring?

It is essential for employers to keep themselves updated with evolving technologies. Recruiting smart candidates is the key factor for the growth of any business and today many IT companies are fighting for the best tech talent in an increasingly competitive market.

Trend#1: Social Media Platform

Social Media Networks have become an ideal platform for companies to market their staffing requirements. An increasing number of people use such networks for job hunts. Nearly 73% of millennials landed jobs through social media platforms.

Trend#2: Mobile-Job-Seekers

As many as 70% of active job seekers rely on their mobile phones to look for new jobs and thus mobiles phones have become an important part of the recruitment process these days. Mobile recruitment enables employers to connect with more passive candidates.

Trend#3: Flexible Work Policy

Telecommuting has now become much easier and is no more restricted to only a handful of employees. The number of companies that allow employees to work remotely has increased tremendously in the last 2 decades. Nearly 80% of flexible work mode policy helps in finding the passive candidates.

Trend#4: Video Interview

More and more companies are now leveraging video interviews via webcams and other modes to locate the ideal talents. This also helps employers streamline the recruitment process in today’s fast paced world.

Trend#5: One-Click Communication

Live Chat Box has always been an overlooked tool in terms of recruitment practices. Candidates these days look forward to instant responses and an one-click communication that fits their busy lifestyles.

When it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate a passive candidate in today’s highly competitive, candidate-driven market, adapting to growth in technology helps us stand out in the recruiting world. It is therefore extremely important to pay attention to these rising staffing trends to be more successful in hiring in the years to come!

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