Telecommuting: a blessing or a curse?

Remote Work Culture
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Benefits of ‘Work from Home’ Culture

Are you tired of your commute to work each day and wish to work from some place closer to home – or better yet, from home? Here’s how telecommuting is a win-win for both you and your employers.


No matter where you are – a coffee shop or home – you can easily finish your work from your own space at your own time. It’s surprising to know that remote work culture has contributed to increase in productivity by over 45% when compared to the conventional work style.

Cost Efficiency

Telecommuting reduces the commute expense. Besides, you don’t need to buy costly business wears or daily lunches thus enabling you to save more.

Eco-friendly Environment

Think of all the energy that is spent on commuting from home to office and all the pollution caused in that process. You reduce your carbon footprints significantly when you telecommute. Besides, nearly 38% of the employees feel telework to be less stressful compared to the usual office environment.


Perfect work-Life balance is the key to a happy life and happy employees tend to feel more valued. This results in a sense of gratitude and eventually you start working harder. When you have the freedom to plan your professional and personal life in a better way, you end up becoming less stressed and more productive.

Technology Growth

With evolution in technology, you can now work virtually from almost anywhere. Also, there are tools like Basecamp and Asana which helps you connect with your team remotely anytime. You ensure the continuity of a program or a project effectively when you choose to telecommute.

Although telecommuting is not feasible for all people or all types of jobs, it’s important to take advantages of its benefits when possible. Plan a telecommuting program along with your employer and start working from home while staying connected to your team.

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