Recent Trends in Jobs Search

Recent Trends in a Job Search
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5 Ways to Land a New Job

If you are in the market looking for a job, here are some techniques for the modern job seeker or latest job search methods to land your dream job.

Log into a Job Board

You will be surprised to know that every 0.2 seconds a new job opening is posted on the internet. Job boards allow you to register and search for your dream job. You may also upload your resume and wait for an employer to contact you. Examples of job boards are;,,

Explore Alma Mater

Connecting every day with 3 people from the past can increase your chances of landing a new job significantly. Reach out to school, college networks and alumni associations to contact people who may help you locate job opportunities or refer you to others who have that information.

Update LinkedIn

The most powerful social network to build your social connect is LinkedIn. A completed LinkedIn profile can make you 40% more successful in networking. This increases your visibility so that a potential employer can easily locate you.

Reach Headhunter

The best way to find hidden job openings is by reaching out to head-hunters or recruitment agencies who help organizations find matching talents. These agencies can help you find a suitable job usually for a fee.

Attend Networking Events

Attending conferences and technical events help you connect with like-minded professionals. You get to meet a lot of people like fellow job seekers, industry experts, decision makers, etc., besides getting to update yourself with the market trends.

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